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Undergraduate Projects

List of 81 to 100 of 139 Research Projects.

Lead and other toxic metals accumulation in soil, and groundwater in kilinochchi district, Sri Lanka

Supervisors: Dr. N.H. Koralegedara
Student: H.M.C.U. Dhanasinghe (S/15/546)
Subject Area: ES

Metal-Organic Framework

Supervisors: Prof. Manawadevi Ganahenage, Dr. Champika Vitharana, Dr. Rangeeka Perera
Subject Area: Chemistry

Methanogenic bacteria and biogas production

Supervisors: Dr. C.L. Abayasekara and Prof. Gehan Panagoda
Student: Ms. L.P.S.R. Pathirana
Subject Area: Botany

Micorrhizal associations in different crop rotations of paddy in dry zone of Sri Lanka.

Supervisors: Prof. G.A.D. Perera and Dr. Renuka Rathnayake
Student: Ms. M.S.D. Marasinghe
Subject Area: Botany

Mineralogical, geochemical and microstructural characterization of Gallbladder stones: Implications of Biomineralization

Supervisors: Dr. Nadeesha H. Koralegedara
Student: Jayasoma M.E.K.L. (S/15/045)
Subject Area: Geology

Mitigating risk for investing loans using machine learning

Supervisors: Mr. Prabhath Gunathilake
Student: Tharaki Panabokke (S/15/504)
Subject Area: Computer Science

Mode Identification of Oscillations of Delta Scuti Type Stars Using High Temporal Resolution Kepler Data

Supervisors: Dr. T.P. Ranawaka and Mr. J. Adassuriya
Student: R.A.B. Kumaragamage (S/15/363)
Subject Area: Physics

Monetary model for the exchange rates of Sri Lanka

Supervisors: Dr. SP. Abesundara, Dr. HTK. Abesundara
Student: RMKC. Rathnayake
Subject Area: Statistics

Monitoring of rainwater quality in Kandy/Peradeniya area

Supervisors: Prof.H.M.D.N.Priyantha and Dr.S.Abeysundara
Student: H.L.S.S.Wijewantha (S/15/535)
Subject Area: ES

Morphological and Molecular analysis of Lithium Treated Embryos of Freshwater Angelfish, Pterophyllum scalare

Supervisors: Dr. Shalika Kumburegama
Student: N. W Grabau (S/15/029)
Subject Area: Zoology

Nearly natural models and species coexistence in species rich communities

Supervisors: Dr. PMSA. Ruwan
Student: TLM. Ruberu
Subject Area: Statistics

Network architecture design for online multiplayer games

Supervisors: Dr. Ruwanthini Siyambalapitiya
Student: Lasantha Senanayake (S/15/418)
Subject Area: Computer Science

Neutral theory & species area relationship in tropical forests

Supervisors: Dr. PMSA. Ruwan
Student: JAAP. Jayasooriya
Subject Area: Statistics

Neutral theory and species abundance distribution in tropical forests

Supervisors: Dr. PMSA. Ruwan
Student: RSS. Chandrasena
Subject Area: Statistics

Next generation AI powered business analytic SMART BOT for manufacturing business

Supervisors: Dr. Ruwan Nawarathna
Student: Wishwa Wijayasinghe (S/15/506)
Subject Area: Computer Science

Non-destructive Ultrasonic Method for Defect Detection in Wooden Rafters

Supervisors: Dr. J.A.C.P. Jayalath
Student: O.W.D.S. Sanjuka (S/15/414)
Subject Area: Physics

Occurence of precious metals along the Highland Vijayan boundary focusing on Seruwila Sri Lanka

Supervisors: Prof. Atula Senarathne
Student: Rathnayake R.M.R.P. (S/15/400)
Subject Area: Geology

Optimization of engineering design incorporating findings of the geological assesment: A case study at CH 19+000 on extension of southern expressway project

Supervisors: Dr. Jagath Gunathilake
Student: Weerasekara M.M.C.M. (S/15/436)
Subject Area: Geology

Performance Compression of initial solution providers of the transportation Algorithm

Supervisors: Dr. Z.A.M.S. Juman
Student: Mr. S.L. Musekkeer
Subject Area: Mathematics

Petrogenesis and geochemical signatures of khondalites in Highland complex, Sri Lanka

Supervisors: Prof. S.P.K. Malaviarachchi, Dr. P.L. Dharmapriya
Student: Athauda A.M.M.G.I.U.B. (S/14/212)
Subject Area: Geology