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General Information

General Information For Students

The course units offered by each department will be available at the beginning of each semester, and the students are required to register on or before a date specified by the Faculty using the online registration system (http://scisis.fos.pdn.ac.lk/). Late registrations may be accepted under exceptional circumstances at the discretion of the Faculty on payment of a prescribed fine.

In each academic year, a student must register for not less than 27 and not more than 33 credits, excluding repeated course units. Academic advisors will help students to select course units judiciously. Once the course units are selected, students shall register for each course unit thus selected at the beginning of the semester and he/she can offer only these course units to earn credits.

During the first year, students other than those who have been admitted through a separate window shall be selected for a combination of three subjects from the principal subject area and select the course units coming under these subjects (subject combinations offered are listed end of this section). Students should follow all the components of the selected subjects, i.e. theory, practicals, field work etc. During the second year of the Degree Programme, students should select at least two subjects from the principal subject area at 200 level (refer to the ―Requirements to Pass the B.Sc. Degree"). The remaining credits required, if any, shall be selected from the other subjects in the principal subject area/supplementary courses. During the third year of the B.Sc. Degree Programme, the students shall select the respective course units at 300 level as in the second year.

B.Sc. Degree students at the end of 300 level are selected to the fourth year of the programme leading to the B.Sc. Hons Degree in Applied Sciences. These students should select at least 30 credits at the 400 level from the Applied Sciences subject area including a 8-credit course unit in industrial training.

During the third and fourth years of the Honors Degree Programme, the students shall select course units from the subject of specialization at 300 and 400 levels, so that their credits will add up to at least 24 per academic year. The relevant department may specify the remaining course units that should be offered. Further, the Honors Degree students will do a research project, which will carry a minimum of 6 credits. Students following the Statistics and Operations Research or the Computation and Management Degree Programmes should select course units specified for these programmes.

The course duration of the Academic Year is usually 15 weeks in two semesters.

A student who falls ill during examination time should contact the University Medical Office at the University Health Center immediately. If a student falls sick at home or elsewhere, the guardian should inform the Dean of the faculty within seven (7) days by a telegram followed by a letter indicating the nature of the illness, the name of the attending Doctor and a Medical Certificate supporting the illness of the student.

The Medical Certificate should be from one of the following persons:

  • University Medical Office (UMO)
  • District Medical Officer
  • Consultant Specialist in the particular field
  • Head of a Government Base Hospital
  • Medical Superintendent of a Government Ayurvedic Hospital