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I am happy to inform you that the following foreign Academics are visiting the department on the below given dates. We have scheduled guest talks for students/staff and discussions with the department staff members.
Friday, February 9th (9.00am-12.00noon)
Prof. Anna Förster
Director of Bremen Spatial Cognition Center
Affiliation: Faculty of Physics and Electrical Engineering, University of Bremen, Germany
Research Interests: Internet of Things. Self-awareness and resilience, user friendliness and user adoption, self-organisation, and Machine learning for IoT applications
Wednesday, February 14th (9.00am-12.00noon) (To be confirmed)
Prof. Vitor Beires Nogueira
Affiliation: VISTA Lab - Video, Image, Speech, and Text Analysis Laboratory University of Évora, Portugal
Research Interests: Language Models, Logic Programming, Ontology engineering,Temporal reasoning.
Furthermore, Prof. Vitor will have a discussion about Programme accreditation.