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List of 41 to 60 of 139 Research Projects.

Detection and Identification of Rickettsioses (Rickettsia sp. And Orientia sp.) in Domesticated Animals in Udunuwara Divisional Secretariat, Central Province, Sri Lanka

Supervisors: Prof. Rupika Rajakaruna
Student: D.A.C.E. Samaraweera (S/15/081)
Subject Area: Zoology

Detection of novel mucilage modifying genes in Arabidopsis thaliana seeds using lasso modelling

Supervisors: Dr. LS. Nawarathna, Dr. Nadeeka jayawardena
Student: DMNP. Dissanayake
Subject Area: Statistics

Determination and comparison of nitrate/nitrite levels of dug wells in Walpola area in Gampaha district

Supervisors: Dr. J.A.T.C Ariyasena
Student: A.D.S.U Kumari (S/15/051)
Subject Area: ES

Determination of herbicidal properties of two invasive alien plants Prosopis juliflora and Dillenia suffruticosa

Supervisors: Prof. B.M.R. Bandara and Dr. N.C. Bandara
Student: W.D.D. Kaushalya (S/15/050)
Subject Area: ES

Determination of herbicidal properties of two invasive plants Ageratina riparia and Austroeupatorium inulifolium

Supervisors: Dr.N.C. Bandara, prof B.M.R. Bandara
Student: K.P.M.V.U.L. Ariyathilkake (S/15/153)
Subject Area: ES

Determination of the socioeconomic factors associated with suicide in Sri Lanka

Supervisors: Dr. LS. Nawarathna
Student: UNJ. Bandara
Subject Area: Statistics

Developing TiO2 Based Nanocomposites with Hydrophobic and Photocatalytic Self Cleaning Properties

Supervisors: Dr. H.C.S. Perera
Student: M.M.D.A. Senarath (S/15/419)
Subject Area: Physics

Development of a Bipolar Electrochemically Generated Chemiluminescence Detector for Pb(II) in water

Supervisors: Dr. Manjula B. Wijesinghe
Student: D. S. S. S. Samaraweera (S/15/410)
Subject Area: ES

Development of Water Quality Index (WQI) incorporation of chemical species into calculation

Supervisors: Prof.R.Weerasooriya
Student: T.K.S.Priyangani (S/15/472)
Subject Area: ES

Distributed natural learning model in human computer interaction

Supervisors: Dr. Erunika Dayaratne
Student: Nilupul Kodikara (S/15/518)
Subject Area: Computer Science

Dye-sensitized solar cells

Supervisors: Prof. Gamini Rajapakse, Dr. Subashini Gunathilake, Dr. Rangeeka Perera
Subject Area: Chemistry

Effect of Daily Tea Consumption on CKDu: A Case Study in Mahadiulwewa GN Division, Anuradhapura

Supervisors: Prof. N.W.B. Balasooriya
Student: B.W.M.A.M. Kumarihamy (S/15/184)
Subject Area: ES

Effect of ultraviolet-C (UV-C) irradiation on postharvest fungal decay and quality of bitter gourd.

Supervisors: Dr. W.A.M.Daundasekara
Student: Ms. U.G.T.D. Dharmasena
Subject Area: Botany

Effects of Myroxylon balsamum on regeneration of native tree species at Udawatta Kelle Forest Reserve, Sri Lanka.

Supervisors: Dr. A.M.T.A. Gunarathna and Mrs. Samitha Aluvihare
Student: Ms. G.D.N.N. Dayarathna
Subject Area: Botany

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Shielding Properties of Polyaniline/Reduced Graphene Oxide/Nickel Composite

Supervisors: Dr. L.K. Narangammana
Student: R.B.T.M. Senarathne (S/15/421)
Subject Area: Physics

Environmental Effects of Water Quality on Biological Communities in Selected Area of Mahaweli River in Kandy Region, Sri Lanka

Supervisors: Prof. S.K Yatigammana
Student: S.G.S.M Nawarathna (S/15/106)
Subject Area: ES

Environmental validation of Difference of Planktonic Communities in Village Tanks and Associated Kattakaduwa Environment

Supervisors: Prof. Sudharma Yatigammana
Student: M.G.Senali Ilankoon (S/15/140)
Subject Area: Zoology

Environmental Variation of Planktons in a Selected Region of Mahaweli River in Kandy District, Sri Lanka.

Supervisors: Dr. Chamara Jayasundera & Prof. Sudharma K. Yatigammana
Student: S. M. D. Y. S. A. Wijerathna (S/15/179)
Subject Area: ES

Exploring the lyrics in billboard year end top 100 songs over the 65 years

Supervisors: Dr. SP. Abesundara
Student: UKAH. Madushani
Subject Area: Statistics

Exploring the potential of banana(Musa spp.) peel waste to use as an electrolyte in electrochemistry.

Supervisors: Prof. M.Y.U.Ganehenege
Student: N.D.W.Gunarathne (S/15/115)
Subject Area: ES