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Postgraduate Research

List of 41 to 60 of 165 Postgraduate Research.

Commercial and natural asbestos fibers in the ambient environment of Sri Lanka: A geological, social and environment perspective

Supervisors : Prof. H.M.T.G.A. Pitawala, Prof. D.G.G.P. Karunarathna, Prof. M. Pinnawala, Dr. P.G. Manthilaka
Student : Ms. S. Samaradiwakara
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Commercial applications of Sri Lankan Red earth

Supervisors : Dr. Nadeesha H. Koralegedara, Prof. R. Chandrajith, Dr. N.W. B. Balasooriya, Prof. Atula Senaratne, Dr. A.N.P.W.M.R.M.B.M.B. Athurupana
Student : Ms. Imanthika Rathnayake
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Creating Health Awareness through Social Media Analytics

Supervisors : Dr. R.D. Nawarathna
Student : Mr. J. Selvarajah and Mr. T.M.M.B. Abeysinghe
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Critical assessment of hydrogeochemical processes in Walawe River Basin using geochemical and stable isotope signatures

Supervisors : Prof. R. Chandrajith
Student : Mr. Sachintha Senaratne
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Developing a digital configurable, multipurpose multichannel analyser for gamma spectroscopy applications

Supervisors : Dr. C.P. Jayalath, Dr. Ruwan Ranaweera
Student : Mr. R.A.N.C. Ranasinghe
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Development and Study of a low cost power on demand thermoelectric devices

Supervisors : Prof. D. Subasinghe (National Institute of Fundamental Studies), Dr. V.A. Seneviratne
Student : Mr. K.K.S. Sampath Kumara
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Development and validation of seed vigor testing protocols for rice and studying the influence of seed moisture content at packing and packing material on seed vigor during storage of seed paddy

Supervisors : Dr. N.S. Gama Arachchige, Dr. D.S.D.Z. Abeysiriwardena and Dr. J.W. Damunupola
Student : Mr. A.A.C.B. Alahakoon
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Development of battery grade Sri Lankan vein graphite to optimize efficiency by scaling up of the processes

Supervisors : Dr. A. Wijayasinghe, Dr. N.W.B Balasooriya, Dr. T.H.N.G. Amaraweera
Student : Ms. H.M.H.D.K. Naranpanawa
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Development of CdS and CdTe thin films for thin film solar cell applications

Supervisors : Dr. B.S. Dassanayake, Prof. L.B.D.R.P. Wijesundera (University of Kelaniya)
Student : Mr. R.K.K.G.R.G. Kumarasinghe
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Development of Metal Organic Frameworks as Semiconductor Materials for Dye Sensitized Solar Cells

Supervisors : Dr. H.A.I.R. Perera
Student : D.U.G.S.N. Abeysingha
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Development of quasi solid-state energy conversion and storage devices by optimizing ion transport in polymer electrolytes

Supervisors : Dr. T.M.W.J. Bandara, Prof. A.A.I. Perera
Student : Ms. H.M.N. Wickramasinghe
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Development of Solid State Electrochemical Power Sources Based Quasi Solid State Ionic Conductors

Supervisors : Dr. T.M.W.J. Bandara, Dr. B.M.K. Pemasiri
Student : Mr. S.M.S. Gunathilake
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Development of Srilankan vein graphite for the electrode application in rechargeable batteries

Supervisors : Dr. A. Wijayasinghe, Dr. N.W.B Balasooriya, Prof. H.M.T.G.A. Pitawala
Student : Ms. T.C. Senevirathna
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Distribution of terrestrial gastropod pests, their seasonal abundance and degree of damage to crops in agricultural lands in the Nuwara Eliya District

Supervisors : Dr N.P.S. Kumburegama, Prof. K.B. Ranawana
Student : K.G.D.D. Thilakarathne
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Efficacy of soluble silicon in inducing disease resistance against postharvest fungal pathogens in banana

Supervisors : Dr. W.A.M. Daundasekara and Prof. M.Y. Udugala-Ganehenege
Student : Ms. N.G. Dinusha N. Nikagolla
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Estimate subsurface extension of Eppawala apatite deposit and its parent rock using geophysical techniques

Supervisors : Prof. H.M.T.G.A. Pitawala
Student : Mr. W.K.D.G.D.R. Charles
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Extraction of Trace and Rare Earth Elements (REEs) from Eppawala Carbonatites, Sri Lanka for advanced technological applications

Supervisors : Prof. HMTGA. Pitawala, Dr. N.W. B. Balasooriya, Dr. M. Mantilake
Student : Ms.G.T.D. Chandrakumara
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Fabrication and characterization of thermally evaporated CdS thin films for CdS/CdTe thin film solar cell

Supervisors : Dr. B.S. Dassnayake, Dr. V.A. Seneviratne
Student : Mr. A.A.I. Lakmal
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

factors affecting the nest success and sex ratio of hatchery relocated green turtle and olive ridely eggs

Supervisors : Prof. R.S. Rajakaruna
Student : N.S. Hewapathiranage
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Generalization of Hadamard Matrix in Graph Theory

Supervisors : Prof. A.A.I. Perera
Student : Ms. W.V. Nishadi
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil