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Postgraduate Research

List of 21 to 40 of 165 Postgraduate Research.

Microplastic Contamination in Kelani River due to Industrial Activities in the Lower Catchment and Possible Effect on Soil and Water Resources

Supervisors : Prof. HMTGA Pitawala
Student : Mr. Asanke Welagedara
Postgraduate Degree : PhD

Quasi solid-sate dye sensitized solar cells based on plasticized polymer electrolyte complexes with mixed ionic salts

Supervisors : Dr. T.M.W.J. Bandara, Prof. H.M.A.M.C. Herath (Rajarata University of Sri Lanka)
Student : Mr. H.D.N.S. Fernando
Postgraduate Degree : PhD

Regulation of auxin signaling in plants during stress response; A molecular genetics study on Aux/IAA transcription repressor gene family.

Supervisors : Dr. P. Sapathanthri, Dr. N. Dharmasiri, Prof. S. Rajapakse, Prof. S.D.S.S. Sooriyapathirana
Student : Dhanapala MPCS
Postgraduate Degree : PhD

Role of small mammals as reservoir hosts of rickettsiosis and leptospirosis inSri Lanka

Supervisors : Prof. R S Rajakaruna, Prof. S Boyagoda, Prof. M Meegaskumbura
Student : S. Yathramullage
Postgraduate Degree : PhD

Species Diversity Spatial Feeding Preferences And The Vector Status Of Ornithophilic Mosquitoes In Sri Lanka

Supervisors : Dr W A P P De Silva, Prof. S.H.P.P. Karunarathne
Student : W.G.D. Chathuranga
Postgraduate Degree : PhD

Spin reorientation of ferromagnetic thin films as described by 3rd order perturbed Heisenberg Hamiltonian

Supervisors : Prof. P. Samarasekara
Student : N.U.S. Yapa
Postgraduate Degree : PhD

Studies on modified CdS thin films for possible PV applications

Supervisors : Dr. B.S. Dassanayake, Dr. C.P. Jayalath, Prof. L.B.D.R.P. Wijesundera (University of Kelaniya)
Student : Mr. W.G.C. Kumarage
Postgraduate Degree : PhD

Taxonomy, biogeography and evolutionary relationships of Sri Lankan thalloid Liverworts (Marchantiales) and Hornworts (Anthocerotales)

Supervisors : Dr. S.C.K. Rubasinghe, Dr. D.G. Long, L. L. Forrest
Student : Mrs. N.C.S. Ruklani
Postgraduate Degree : PhD

Use of Cartesian coordinate Geometry in solving 3-dimentional Cutting Packing Problem

Supervisors : Prof. Daundasekera
Student : Ms. W.N.P. Rodrigo
Postgraduate Degree : PhD

1-D materials for dye sensitized solar cell applications

Supervisors : Prof. J. Bandara (National Institute of Fundamental Studies), Dr. B.S. Dassanayake
Student : Mr. K.M.S.D.B. Kulathunga
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

A Multi-source Multi-destination Integrated Production Inventory control Model and its Solution Technique

Supervisors : Dr. Z.A.M.S. Juman
Student : Mr. Nawfan
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

A study of the performance of cobalt phenanthroline-based liquid and gel electrolytes in dye-sensitized solar cells

Supervisors : Prof. O.A. Ileperuma, Dr. V.A. Senevirathna, Prof. R.M.G. Rajapakse, Prof. H.M.N. Bandara
Student : Ms. A.M.C. Senevirathne
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Abundance, diversity & distribution of commercial sea cucumber species in southern coast, Sri Lanka and taxonomic identification of commercially harvested sea cucumber species in Sri Lanka

Supervisors : Dr D.C.T. Dissanayake, Dr M P Kumara
Student : V.T.K. Dayarathna
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Acaricide resistance status and genetic diversity of Rhipicephalus sanguineus in Kandy, Colombo and Kurunagala Police Kennels, Sri Lanka

Supervisors : Prof. S.H.P.P. Karunarathne, Dr W.A.P.P. de Silva
Student : K.M.U.J. Bandara
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Assessment and mapping of soil C stocks In Knuckles forest region of Sri Lanka

Supervisors : Prof. H.M.S.P. Madawala, Dr. R. Rathnayaka and Dr. S. Gunathilake
Student : R.P.S.K. Rajapakshe
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Behaviour of single bubble sonoluminescence in different liquid media

Supervisors : Prof. Asiri Nanayakkara (National Institute of Fundamental Studies), Dr. V.A. Seneviratne
Student : Mr. H.M.P.S. Herath
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Behavioural responses of coconut mites and biochemical analysis of coconuts in relation to varietal tolerance to the pest

Supervisors : Dr N.S. Arachchi , Prof. W.A.I.P. Karunarathne
Student : N.T.P. Wijewardana
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Canine vector borne diseases; prevalence, diversity and phylogenetics of species infecting dogs in Sri Lanka

Supervisors : Prof. R.S. Rajakaruna, Prof. A. Dangolla
Student : Mr. P S Jayatilaka
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Climatic Induced spatial and temporal variation of mineralogy, sedimentological characteristics and depositional mechanism in Pulmudai mineral sand deposit- geographical significance

Supervisors : Mr. A.K. Wickramasooriya, Dr. N.W.B Balasooriya
Student : Mr. A.V.U.B. Gunawardana
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil

Colour Development of Sri Lankan Opaque Corundum Using Gas-Fired Furnace Heat Treatment; A Study from Kolonna Area

Supervisors : Prof. R. Chandrajith, Prof. S.P.K. Malaviarachchi, Mr. Tilak Dharmaratne
Student : M.N.M. Rifkhan
Postgraduate Degree : MPhil