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Statistics & Computer Science

Computer Society University of Peradeniya (CSUP)

Computer Society University of Peradeniya - CSUP, is one of the leading societies in the university. Near to 200 students are currently members of the CSUP.

The CSUP recognized as the paramount society in the university which connects all the nine faculties together with the intention of transforming tomorrow's world with intelligence together with practical and theoretical knowledge to the betterment of the world.

Statistical Circle University of Peradeniya

The “Statistical Circle” is a society established by the students of the University of Peradeniya, Faculty of Science in 2009. The main objectives of forming The Statistical Circle of the University of Peradeniya were, as they are today, to provide an organization that would act in the common interest of the subject who follows statistics as a subject at the university, to bring its members closer contact with those engaged in the practice of statistics and mainly, to foster interest, understanding and the research in the field of statistics. Society has launched this website in 2019 for promoting and assisting the interchange of information relating to the field of statistics among its members and other entities. Furthermore, to accomplish the objectives mentioned above, The Statistical circle has organized lectures, seminars, workshops, and other related activities for its members and other interested parties to introduce leading-edge technologies.