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Students of Computer Science Honours Study Programme

3rd Year Honours Students (2021/2022)

4th Year Honours Students (2021/2022)

Image-Ananda D.K.C.N.
Miss. Ananda D.K.C.N. S/17/308 s17308@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Dulanga R.A.K.
Miss. Dulanga R.A.K. S/17/350 s17350@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Fernando H.R.P.
Mr. Fernando H.R.P. S/17/355 s17355@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Gunawardhana N.G.M.M.
Mr. Gunawardhana N.G.M.M. S/17/372 s17372@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Jayawardana J.L.V.P.
Mr. Jayawardana J.L.V.P. S/17/391 s17391@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Kamburugamuwa K.L.A.N.A.
Miss. Kamburugamuwa K.L.A.N.A. S/17/393 s17393@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Mahanama M.G.I.A.
Miss. Mahanama M.G.I.A. S/17/098 s17098@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Mayurapaksha Y.M.W.H.M.P.B.
Mr. Mayurapaksha Y.M.W.H.M.P.B. S/17/426 s17426@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Nishath M.N.A.
Mr. Nishath M.N.A. S/17/437 s17437@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Parimanoharan S.
Miss. Parimanoharan S. S/17/441 s17441@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Sahla M.A.F.
Miss. Sahla M.A.F. S/17/140 s17140@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Sarathchandra W.M.E.Y.
Miss. Sarathchandra W.M.E.Y. S/17/477 s17477@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Shalika W.A.R.A.
Mr. Shalika W.A.R.A. S/17/481 s17481@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Theysomajanantham S.
Miss. Theysomajanantham S. S/17/493 s17493@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Viduranga R.M.A.
Mr. Viduranga R.M.A. S/17/499 s17499@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Vinushan F.R.J.M.
Mr. Vinushan F.R.J.M. S/17/501 s17501@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Wanasinghe W
Mr. Wanasinghe W S/17/502 s17502@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Weerasinghe M.H.P.
Mr. Weerasinghe M.H.P. S/17/508 s17508@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Weerasinghe S.M.S.A.
Miss. Weerasinghe S.M.S.A. S/17/163 s17163@sci.pdn.ac.lk