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Department of Statistics & Computer Science

Computer Laboratories

The Department currently hosts three computer laboratories that are equipped with state-of-the-art PCs. All these PCs are networked and each user is provided with a separate user account common for the network. Users are facilitated with remote storage facilities as well. Currently, most of the labs are using additional instructor supportive software systems for teaching assistance and monitoring purposes.

Department hosts a wide range of practical courses ranging from foundation courses to advanced courses. Application programs and packages that are necessary for the undergraduate and postgraduate programs are installed as necessary. Students are allowed to download course materials and download any relevant information using the Internet facilities provided.

Hardware, IoT and Research Laboratories

There is a separate hardware, IoT and research laboratories are in the department to facilitate the students following Computer Science and Statistics Study Programmes. Students use these facilities to support their research as necessary.

Server Room & Wi-Fi Zone

Four main servers are established in the department in order to provide different services to students and staff members. Net-logon authentication, file sharing, DNS, DHCP services, Web and email facilities are some of the main services provided by these servers.

Wi-Fi zone is available for both staff and students. Wi-Fi facility is granted dynamically considering the availability of the bandwidth using multiple hot spots.

Data Science Laboratory