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Statistics & Computer Science

Science Industry Interaction Cell

The Department provides professional consultations and services to public and private sector organizations through the Science Industry Interaction Cell.

Data Science Unit (DSU)

The Data Science Unit (DSU), established within the Postgraduate Institute of Science (PGIS) in collaboration with the Department of Statistics and Computer Science, provides on-demand access to High Performance Computing (HPC) services that support high-quality research for using supercomputers, parallel computing and/or computer clusters which are essential for dealing with large scale data.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Solutions to the FAQs by students who used resources at the department of Statistics and Computer Science.

NOTE: This FAQs Page could be viewd only at computers attached to the department network (Computer Laboratories and Wi-Fi Users)

Problem Reporting & Tracking System

The system allows the students and staff of the department to report problems that they encounter while they are using computers and other related devices. The staff members responsible will review each problem and a reply will be sent regarding what actions need to be taken.