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The department has shown a strong interest and contribution in research in areas of Statistics and Computer Science over the past two decades.

Statistical research team particularly carries out research in Statistical Estimation, Statistical modeling, Multivariate methods, Circular Statistics, Spatial Statistics, Data Mining and Bioinformatics. Computer Science research includes Database Systems, Software Engineering, Distributed Computing, Biomedical engineering, Image Processing and Analysis, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Semantic Web / Web Services and Semantic Business Processes, Context-aware Service Computing , Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing, Aspect Oriented Computing, Cloud Computing, and Information Technology Security.

Ongoing Postgraduate Research

  • An Automated Visual Surveillance System For Human Detection

    Supervisors : Dr. Amalka J. Pinidiyaarachchi
    Co-supervisors : Prof. C. Fookes. Prof. S. Sridharan, Image and Video Lab, SAIVT Program, Queensland University of Technology, Australia, Dr. A. Ramanan , Department of Computer Science, University of Jaffna
    Student : Mr. T. Kokul

  • Supervisors : Dr. Amalka J. Pinidiyaarachchi, Prof. S.R. Kodituwakku, Mr. N. Kodagoda (SLIIT)
    Student : Mr. D.I. De Silva

    The main objective of the research are

    • To identify and analyze the existing Procedure-Oriented (PO) complexity metrics.
    • To propose a set of new complexity factors which have not been considered by both types of complexity metrics (PO and OO) that exist in literature.
    • To conduct an empirical study to propose a standard set of novel cognitive weights for several basic programming elements.
    • To introduce a new OO complexity metric that measures program complexity based on the novel cognitive weights and novel factors that would be proposed via the study and is able to compute the complexity of a software code at any given level (system, class, method, and program statement) based on all its factors.
  • Creating Health Awareness through Social Media Analytics

    Supervisors : Dr. R.D. Nawarathna
    Student : Mr. J. Selvarajah and Mr. T.M.M.B. Abeysinghe

    Main objectives of this research are as follows.

    • To develop a general framework to make health recommendations by analyzing health related content shared in the social media.
      • The first phase of this research focuses on sentiment analysis of health-related twitter posts with special attention towards improving health awareness.
      • The framework will be developed as a general framework for social media analytics so that it can be extended to create awareness and recommendations in other areas such as news, jobs, events and valuable tips for day-to-day activities and so on.
    • To provide the overall opinion about a particular subject as a list of top stories or a summary
  • Supervisors : Dr. R. Nagulan, Dr. T. Kokul, Dr. Amalka J. Pinidiyaarachchi
    Student : Subaramya Srivishagan

    Main goal of this research proposal is to investigate and develop a robust machine learning based framework for Alzheimer's disease detection and to produce output that will satisfy the demand of human experts

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