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Department of Statistics & Computer Science

Students of Data Science Honours Study Programme

3rd Year Honours Students (2021/2022)

4th Year Honours Students (2021/2022)

Image-Balasooriya B.P.N.
Mr. Balasooriya B.P.N. S/17/317 s17317@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Herath H.M.G.U.K.
Mr. Herath H.M.G.U.K. S/17/374 s17374@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Herath H.M.K.G.R.M.
Mr. Herath H.M.K.G.R.M. S/17/375 s17375@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Hisham M.H.M
Mr. Hisham M.H.M S/17/379 s17379@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Kulasekara K.M.S.S.B.
Mr. Kulasekara K.M.S.S.B. S/17/403 s17403@sci.pdn.ac.
Image-Kulasooriya K.A.L.S.
Mr. Kulasooriya K.A.L.S. S/17/404 s17404@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Perera A.P.A.C.
Mr. Perera A.P.A.C. S/17/445 s17445@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Pubudika L.W.P.
Miss. Pubudika L.W.P. S/17/452 s17452@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Rathnaweera R.P.R.M.
Mr. Rathnaweera R.P.R.M. S/17/465 s17465@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Thamishka W.P.K.
Miss. Thamishka W.P.K. S/17/490 s17490@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Weerasinghe W.G.K.D.
Mr. Weerasinghe W.G.K.D. S/17/509 s17509@sci.pdn.ac.lk