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  • Research on Endangered fishing cat (Prionailurus viverrinus)
  • Research on coral reef fish distribution, diversity and abundance
  • Research on ornithophilic mosquitoes in Sri Lanka
  • Research on Acaricide resistance and genetic diversity of Rhipicephalus sanguineus

In addition to teaching, emphasis is also given to research. Undergraduate students are given the opportunity to conduct research in a field of interest during their final year and they are encourage to share their findings at local and international forums. In addition, at present the department caters to 24 postgraduate students either registered for an M.Phil. or Ph.D. These students carryout their research in their chosen field of study related to topics in environment and biodiversity conservation, forensic entomology, parasitology, taxonomy and systematics, and vector borne diseases and vector control with the help and guidance from the academic staff of the Department.

PhD Research

Dengue Vector Control In Sri Lanka Occurrence Of 'Kdr' Type Mutation And Wolbachia In Aedes Vector Mosquito Population And The Effect Of Insecticide Fogging On Insect Pollianators

Supervisors : Prof. S.H.P.P. Karunarathne
Student : N.W.N.P. Nugapola

Ecology of sambar in Horton plains National park

Supervisors : Prof. K.B. Ranawana, Dr S.J. Perera
Student : W.M.D.S. Weerasekera

Role of small mammals as reservoir hosts of rickettsiosis and leptospirosis inSri Lanka

Supervisors : Prof. R S Rajakaruna, Prof. S Boyagoda, Prof. M Meegaskumbura
Student : S. Yathramullage

Species Diversity Spatial Feeding Preferences And The Vector Status Of Ornithophilic Mosquitoes In Sri Lanka

Supervisors : Dr W A P P De Silva, Prof. S.H.P.P. Karunarathne
Student : W.G.D. Chathuranga

MPhil Research

Abundance, diversity & distribution of commercial sea cucumber species in southern coast, Sri Lanka and taxonomic identification of commercially harvested sea cucumber species in Sri Lanka

Supervisors : Dr D.C.T. Dissanayake, Dr M P Kumara
Student : V.T.K. Dayarathna

Acaricide resistance status and genetic diversity of Rhipicephalus sanguineus in Kandy, Colombo and Kurunagala Police Kennels, Sri Lanka

Supervisors : Prof. S.H.P.P. Karunarathne, Dr W.A.P.P. de Silva
Student : K.M.U.J. Bandara

Behavioural responses of coconut mites and biochemical analysis of coconuts in relation to varietal tolerance to the pest

Supervisors : Dr N.S. Arachchi , Prof. W.A.I.P. Karunarathne
Student : N.T.P. Wijewardana

Canine vector borne diseases; prevalence, diversity and phylogenetics of species infecting dogs in Sri Lanka

Supervisors : Prof. R.S. Rajakaruna, Prof. A. Dangolla
Student : Mr. P S Jayatilaka

Distribution of terrestrial gastropod pests, their seasonal abundance and degree of damage to crops in agricultural lands in the Nuwara Eliya District

Supervisors : Dr N.P.S. Kumburegama, Prof. K.B. Ranawana
Student : K.G.D.D. Thilakarathne

factors affecting the nest success and sex ratio of hatchery relocated green turtle and olive ridely eggs

Supervisors : Prof. R.S. Rajakaruna
Student : N.S. Hewapathiranage

Geographic distribution, acaricide resistance and vector capacity of dog ticks I Sri Lanka

Supervisors : Prof. R.S. Rajakaruna
Student : U.I. Dissanayake

Impact of Tropical Forest Fragmentation on Figs and their Wasp-pollinator Interaction

Supervisors : Prof. W.A.I.P. Karunarathne, Dr A.M.T.A. Gunarathne
Student : W.M.G.A.S.T. B. Wijetunga

Molecula phylogeny and taxonomic revision of selected jumping spider genera (Family: Salticidae) Sri Lanka

Supervisors : Prof. S.P. Benjamin , Prof P.Samaraweera
Student : A. Satkunanathan

Monitoring population size, home range and behaviors of endangered fishing cat (Prionailurusviverrinus) in the Minneriya National Park and Minneriya Girithle Nature Reserve

Supervisors : Prof K.B. Ranawana
Student : A.N. Thudugala

Risk factors for consuming an unbalanced diet among 2 to 5 years old children and creation, administration and assessment of the effectiveness of a one year community based health promotion intervention in improving diet in selected MOH areas of Puttalam District

Supervisors : Prof. S Tennakoon, Dr M Chandrathilake
Student : D.S. Dheiyanthuduwage

Species composition ,distribution and abundance of dengue vector aedes aegypti and aedes albopictus in kurunegala district and efficacy of larvicide novaluron as a control measure

Supervisors : Dr W.A.P.P. De Silva, Dr T.C. Weeraratne, Prof. S.H.P.P. Karunarathne
Student : J.M.M.K. Herath

Taxonomic revision and phylogenetic of selected genera of cobweb spiders (Araneae: Theridiidae) of Sri Lanka based on morphology and molecular markers

Supervisors : Prof. S.P. Benjamin, Prof P.Samaraweera
Student : M. Tharmarajan

Taxonomic revisions of jumping spider Tribe Ballini and subtribe Sparaeina of Sri Lanka based on morphology and DNA barcodes

Supervisors : Prof S.P. Benjamin, Prof. W.A.I.P. Karunarathne
Student : D.P. Bopearachchi

Trematode and ultraviolet radiation induced deformities and toxicity to agrochemicals in amphibians

Supervisors : Prof. R.S. Rajakaruna, Prof. M. Meegaskumbura
Student : D.A.G.N.B. Karunarathna

Detection and Identification of Rickettsioses (Rickettsia sp. And Orientia sp.) in Domesticated Animals in Udunuwara Divisional Secretariat, Central Province, Sri Lanka

Supervisors: Prof. Rupika Rajakaruna
Student: D.A.C.E. Samaraweera (S/15/081)

Environmental validation of Difference of Planktonic Communities in Village Tanks and Associated Kattakaduwa Environment

Supervisors: Prof. Sudharma Yatigammana
Student: M.G.Senali Ilankoon (S/15/140)

Gastropod Diversity of Selected Lagoons in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka

Supervisors: Mr. Chaminda Wijesundara
Student: P.H. Liyanagedara (S/15/054)

Genetic Diversity and Population Genetic Structure of Dengue Vector Mosquitoes Aedes aegypti, Aedes albopictus in three Administrative Districts of Sri Lanka (Matara, Kandy, Puttalam)

Supervisors: Dr. Thilini Weerarathne
Student: S.N. Palliyaguru (S/15/142)

Insecticide Resistance in Armigeres subalbatus, a Potential Filarial Vector Mosquito

Supervisors: Dr. Priyanka de Silva
Student: G. N. P. Vaishali Anuradha. (S/15/005)

Integrative Taxonomy of the Enigmatic Land Snail Genus Acavus (Gatropoda: Acavidae) in Sri Lanka

Supervisors: Prof. K.B.Ranavana
Student: W.M.K.B.Wijesooriya (S/15/099)

Morphological and Molecular analysis of Lithium Treated Embryos of Freshwater Angelfish, Pterophyllum scalare

Supervisors: Dr. Shalika Kumburegama
Student: N. W Grabau (S/15/029)

Zoonotic gastrointestinal parasites of dogs in a remote tea growing estate in Thalawakelle area

Supervisors: Dr. Piyumali K. Perera
Student: T.K. De Silva (S/15/017)