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Students of Biomedical Sciences Honours Study Programme

3rd Year Honours Students (2021/2022)

Image-Amasha Dayarathne
Miss. Amasha Dayarathne S/18/171 s18171@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Fathima  Rukshana
Miss. Fathima Rukshana S/18/114 s18114@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Fathima Razna
Miss. Fathima Razna S/18/113 s18113@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Nadeeka Bandara
Miss. Nadeeka Bandara S/18/016 s18016@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Shalini Thoradeniya
Miss. Shalini Thoradeniya S/18/133 s18133@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Tharindu Rathnaweera
Mr. Tharindu Rathnaweera S/18/108 s18108@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Yuwanika Wickramanayake
Miss. Yuwanika Wickramanayake S/18/141 s18141@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Zeeniya Jawahir
Miss. Zeeniya Jawahir S/18/059 s18059@sci.pdn.ac.lk

4th Year Honours Students (2021/2022)

Image-Jayamini Subasinghae, S.A.
Miss. Jayamini Subasinghae, S.A. S/17/154 s17154@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Jumadin, G.F.
Miss. Jumadin, G.F. S/17/073 s17073@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Kumari, M.M.M.M.S.
Miss. Kumari, M.M.M.M.S. S/17/087 s17087@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Kumarihami Rathnadiwakara, O.W.B.S.
Miss. Kumarihami Rathnadiwakara, O.W.B.S. S/17/131 s17131@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Rasika Thilini Kumari, K.W.L.
Miss. Rasika Thilini Kumari, K.W.L. S/17/086 s17086@sci.pdn.ac.lk
Image-Ruwanika Uduwela, V.
Miss. Ruwanika Uduwela, V. S/17/158 s17158@sci.pdn.ac.lk