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Astronomical Society

The Astronomical Society of University of Peradeniya is one of the foremost societies of department of physics which promotes astronomy within the university and the Kandy district. We are oriented to inculcate our society members and public about various astronomical phenomena and improve their observatory skills. We provide our utmost contributions to the schools around Kandy district with their astronomical events.

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Physical Society

The Physical Society of University of Peradeniya was established in 1969 with the commencement of BSc Physics Special Degree Programme. Now we have continued our activities for more than a half century. All the Peradeniya Physics Special Undergraduates and other students who had an interest in physics were members of the society.

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Physics Alumni Association (PAA.UP)

The Physics Alumni Association of the University of Peradeniya (PAA.UP) is the official body of past students who studied physics as a major/minor subject. All the well-wishers of the department are invited to join, and there are no membership fees.

PAA.UP closely works with the department as a key stakeholder in shaping up its future in the avenues of curriculum revision, student welfare, mentorship, etc. It also acts as a donor of laboratory and teaching equipment, mini undergraduate research grants, and other infrastructure to elevate the physics learning experience of the current students.

Physics Academic Wefare Society

Physics Non-Academic Wefare Society