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Department of Physics

The Department offers Ph.D., M.Phil. and M.Sc. Study Programmes and other postgraduate courses through Post Graduate Institute of Science (PGIS), which is the postgraduate arm of the Faculty.

The M.Sc. programmes in Physics include;

M.Sc. in Medical Physics

Medical Physics is an ever-expanding field as a separate discipline. During the past two decades medical physics has undergone a tremendous evolution, progressing from a branch of science on the fringes of physics into an important mainstream discipline that can now be placed on equal footing with other more traditional branches of physics.

M.Sc. in Physics of Materials

With the development of new technologies, materials play an increasingly important role in modern society. Thus, Materials Science has now become established as a discipline in its own right as well as an important area in the fields of Physics, Chemistry and Engineering.

Additionally, there are a hosts of other inter disciplinary M.Sc.s offered jointly with other Departments. The details can be obtained by visiting the PGIS web site.