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Department of Physics

Research Laboratories

  • Solid State Ionics Laboratory (S.S.I.)
  • Ceramics Laboratory
  • Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMReL)
  • Semiconductor Laboratory
  • Radiation Physics Laboratory
  • Computational Physics Laboratory

Teaching Laboratories

  • Mechanics Laboratory (1st year)
  • Heat & Thermodynamics Laboratory
  • Optics Laboratory (2nd year)
  • Electricity Laboratory
  • Electronics Laboratory
  • Nuclear Physics Teaching Laboratory
  • Astronomy and Atmospheric Laboratory
  • Computer Laboratory
  • Advanced Laboratory (Physics Honors)

Lecture Theaters and Rooms

  • Physics Upper Lecture Theater (built-in multimedia/sounds)
  • P-1 Lecture Theater (built-in multimedia/sounds)
  • P-2 Lecture Theater (built-in multimedia)
  • P-3 Lecture Theater
  • Physics Lower Lecture Theater (built-in multimedia)
  • Audio-Visual Studio (online teaching)
  • Smart Room (built-in smart multimedia)
  • AHEAD Interactive Room
  • Several multipurpose discussion rooms
  • The physics museum

Major Research Equipment

The major equipment available in the Department of Physics include:

  • Atomic Force Microscope (Veeco)
  • X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer (Fisher-Scope XAN)
  • Polarizing Microscope (Euro Max)
  • Gamma Spectrometer (Tl activated NaI Detector system)
  • Geiger Muller Counter
  • Solar simulator
  • Spectrophotometers
  • Impedance Gain Phase Analyzer
  • Complex Impedance Analyzer (HP 4192 )
  • Telescopes (including 10” LXD 75 Schmidt – Newtonian telescope

Faculty Workshop

The Workshop of the Faculty of Science is hosted and managed by the Department of Physics. The workshop undertakes custom design and fabrication needs for research and teaching, some maintenance tasks, and elementary workshop teaching. It has a machine shop, carpentry shop, and glass blowing facilities with four full-time employees.