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Department of Geology

Why Study Geology

Geology is the science studying the ever changing Earth and its environment. It examine the changes occurred in the Earth from the inception, 4.6 billion years ago to today. Geology helps us to understand the dynamic nature of the earth and interaction between systems of atmosphere, hydrosphere and geosphere. It also investigates the physical, chemical and biological processes that shape the earth and tackles issues related to resource identification including oil and gasses, resource utilization, natural hazards and also past and future climate changes.

The Geology Department at the University of Peradeniya is the only one Earth Science Department in Sri Lanka, having grown out of the Faculty of Science, with a long and distinguished history. Our graduates have wide recognition both in Sri Lanka and Overseas. The Department is pioneering in research and excellent teaching for over last few decades and maintain strong programs in all geoscience disciplines, and offers B.Sc., M.Sc., and Ph.D. study programmes. Our B.Sc. program offers dynamic geology knowledge that meeting the students seeking employment opportunities in industry and academia.

Undergraduate study in Geology

Our undergraduate program offers B.Sc. Study Programme (3 years) and B.Sc. Honours Study Programme (4 years) courses. The Honours Study Programme provides student a sound theoretical and practical knowledge including field skills that required understanding the processes in the Earth and the Environment. The program consists of several core courses and student can select wide range of other courses depending of the interest.