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Department of Geology

M.Phill. and Ph.D. Students

Image-Pahan Abewardana
PhD (Earth Sciences) Mr. Pahan Abewardana pahana@sci.pdn.ac.lk LAB / Research Area
Metamorphic/Igneous Petrology
Image-Chamidu Weedagama
MPhill (Geology) Mr. Chamidu Weedagama ciweedagama@sci.pdn.ac.lk LAB / Research Area
Image-Hirunika Wijesinghe
MPhill (Geology) Ms. Hirunika Wijesinghe hirunikaw@sci.pdn.ac.lk LAB / Research Area
Paleontology/Sedimentary Petrology
Image-Imanthika Rathnayake
MPhill (Geology) Ms. Imanthika Rathnayake imanthikar@sci.pdn.ac.lk LAB / Research Area
Sedimentology/ Geochemistry
Image-Ishani Wijekoon
MPhill (Geology) Ms. Ishani Wijekoon s16167@sci.pdn.ac.lk LAB / Research Area
Enviornmental Science
Image-Lakshitha Sanjeewa
MPhill (Geology) Mr. Lakshitha Sanjeewa lakshithas@sci.pdn.ac.lk LAB / Research Area
Environmental Geology
Image-Nishika Samarakoon
MPhill (Geology) Ms. Nishika Samarakoon nishikas@sci.pdn.ac.lk LAB / Research Area
Image-Prabodha Weerarathne
MPhill (Geology) Ms. Prabodha Weerarathne prabodhaw@sci.pdn.ac.lk LAB / Research Area