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English Language Teaching Unit

These courses are conducted for the first year and second year undergraduates.

EN 100 - Compulsory Foundation Course

Credits: 02

Duration: 90 hours

The EN 100 course is designed to achieve UTEL levels 5 and 6.

Grammar and writing - Tenses: Six basic tenses and its application in academic and scientific writing. Present and Past Passive Voice: structure, application in process and lab report writing. Relative clauses: application in definition writing and providing information. Prepositions: in describing position, movement and time and appropriate use in scientific context. Conditionals: expressing real and hypothetical situations and their application in science. Paragraph writing: topic sentence and supporting statements, use of cohesive devices, sequence markers, transitional signals, structures and vocabulary in comparison, classification, and cause and effect.

Reading - Consolidated reading skills. Reading complex texts for gist and details, reading and note taking: presenting given information using illustrations, graphs, charts, symbols and abbreviations.

Speech - Express opinions on topics guided by prompts. Deliver a short speech on a given topic using limited range of cohesive devices. Use simple present / present continues to talk about situations depicted in visuals. Short dialogues and conversations on familiar topics.

Listening - Listening for comprehension, specific and general information and note taking based on texts dealing with general and academic contexts.

Mode of assessment - Quizzes 20%, Mid semester examination 20%, End semester examination 60%

EN 200 - Compulsory Certificate Course

Duration: 60 hours

The EN 200 course is designed to achieve UTEL level 7.

Grammar and Writing - Direct speech and reported speech: Reporting statements, questions, suggestions and instructions, highlighting punctuations in direct and indirect forms. Impersonal passive constructions. Perfect tenses: Present and past perfect tenses, continuous forms and usage.
Interpretation of graphs: Writing interpretations of bar graphs, pie charts and line graphs, structures used: comparison and contrast, ‘There be’ structure.
Reporting an incident: Structures used: Past tense, direct and indirect speech.
Letter and email writing: Letters/emails of request, invitation, excuse, enquiry, complaint, reply to complaints and informative letters.
Essay Writing: Writing argumentative and discursive essays.

Reading - Reading comprehension, reading and summarizing
Speech - Individual presentations (focus on presentation skills, slide preparation and report based on the presentation). Functional language
Listening - Listen to authentic spoken texts from a range of contexts, including variety of accents, both academic and social and draw inferences, understand opinions, extract specific and general information.

Mode of assessment - Mid semester examination 20 %, End semester examination 80 %