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Department of Molecular Biology & Biotechnology

The new batch of students entering to the Faculty of Science under the Biology stream are designated with a set of courses under several combinations comprising of three principle subjects. Based on the combination selected by the students, they would follow courses offered by different departments where the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (MBB) offers a course entitled as BL120- Introduction to Molecular Biology and Its Application in semester II for the 1st Year students.

At the end of the 1st year, students are allowed either to continue with all three selected principle subjects or are eligible to add/drop principle subjects with in the credit limitations. Therefore, even a student who has not followed BL120 course could now select MBB as a principle subject. In the second year MBB Department offers 5 courses worth of 13 credits. (MB 201: Biological Chemistry, MB 206: Principles of Genetics, MB 211: Cell and Tissue Culture, MB 221: Enzymology, MB 226: Molecular Genetics)

There after students who successfully complete the 100 and 200 Level courses with satisfactory GPAs will then be selected to follow B.Sc. Honors Study Programme in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (four year) on competitive basis at the end of their 2nd year. Also, students can finish their B.Sc. study programme by completing courses offered by department of MBB during 3rd year. The students who are selected to follow the four year honors study programme would subsequently complete a 12 month Undergraduate Research Project worth of 8 credits which would open up the young minds into the competitive world of professional scientists especially as the final target of those projects is to be ended up in journal articles. In addition, B.Sc. Honors Study Programme in Biology is jointly offered by the Departments of MBB, Botany and Zoology. Moreover, the students who receive B. Sc. Degree with MBB as a principle subject could then enter into B.Sc. Honors Study Programme in Applied Science Program or could get enrolled in M.Sc. programs related to MBB which a multi-disciplinary subject.

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