“Beyond the helix”




“our mission is to strive for excellence in education and research in molecular biology and biotechnology and to popularize this field among university community and interested personels, also to develop the social and interpersonal skills of members involved in our association”


Genome is a Department based student society, which improves the unity and skills in teamwork in Departmental as well as university level. We organize various Project activities, Talks and Guest Lectures, regarding current aspects of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology to stimulate interest in Molecular life Sciences among the university students and outside community. Members of the society participate in campaigns, Exhibitions and Field visits where there is lot of joy and also get an opportunity to share their knowledge each other, and we are responsible in maintaining the image of the society high, with the enthusiasm and dedication of our members.




GENOME , Molecular Biology Association ,Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology,
Faculty of Science, University of Peradeniya,
Peradeniya, 20400, Sri Lanka.
Telephone number: +94-81-239-4505 E mail:- sanathr@pdn.ac.lk