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The students after admission to the Faculty undergo an intensive course in English language and several Foundation courses for 2-3 months and then begin their study programmes. The students entering the Biology stream follow a common study programme offered by various Departments in the 1st and 2nd years. At the end of the 2nd year, the students are selected for various Special degree programmes on merit. Those who have not been selected for Special Degree programmes continue with the General degree courses until the 3rd year. At the end of this period, the students who complete requirements for a General Degree are given the option of obtaining a four year degree in Applied Sciences by spending another year at the University.

The Department conducts comprehensive courses in Botany for General, Special and Applied Science Degree students encompassing every discipline of Plant Sciences stressing both basic and applied aspects. The Department also offers courses of applied and industrial nature for the newly commenced Applied Science Degree programme. Together with the Departments of Zoology and Molecular Biology and Biotechnology an integrated programme in biology is provided for the first year Biological Sciences students.

The Department offers courses for the following degree programmes:

ProgrammeDurationProgramme Outline
B.Sc. General Degree3 years The students follow General Degree courses during the first two years and continue with them into another year.
B.Sc. Special Degree in Botany4 years The students having followed the General Degree with Botany courses in the first two years are selected on competitive basis to specialize in Botany in the Year 3 and 4.
B.Sc. Special Degree in Biology4 years The students having followed General Degree Biology courses in the first two years are selected on competitive basis to specialize in Biology in the Year 3 and 4.
B.Sc. Degree in Applied Sciences4 years The students after completing the requirements for General Degree are given the option of an additional year following courses in Applied Sciences and industrial training.

Students in other Special Degree programmes such as Chemistry, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology and Zoology have the opportunity of taking courses in Botany & Food Science, which are offered by the Department of Botany.

Year 1:

The students take a minimum of 24 credits from three Principal Subject areas offered in the first year. Biology is offered as principal subject areas, Biology* (8 credits) and Biology** (16 credits) jointly by the Departments of Botany, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology and Zoology. The programme is designed to enhance the students’ Biology knowledge acquired in the school. Both Biological and Physical Science students can offer Biology.

100 Level Course Details

General Degree Year 2 and 3:

Botany: The students start taking Botany as from the Year 2 onwards (Annexure 1). The courses offered provide the students a fundamental knowledge of Plant Sciences to take up more advanced and applied courses in the third year. The courses cover the diversity of plants and their measurement, evolutionary position and taxonomy; angiosperm morphology and anatomy, biochemistry, physiology and biostatistics. In the laboratory sessions, the students using live or preserved specimens, study their characteristics; they also acquire skills in identification in their habitats and estimation of diversity.

In the third year courses are offered in diverse aspects of plant sciences, ranging from Plant Systematics, Plant Ecology, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, Microbiology, Soil Science, Plant Pathology, Postharvest Technology of Fresh Produce, Economic Botany, Genetics and Reproductive Biology, Molecular Biology to Plant Breeding. Each course has a laboratory component. A course, Independent Study, is offered at the General and Special Degree level for the students to acquire skills in gathering information from various sources and presentation.

Food Science: Food Science is offered as a Supplementary Subject at the 200 and 300 Levels. The students are given a basic knowledge in food science, food processing and handling instruments in quality control assessments. 200 and 300 Level Course Details

Special Degrees in Botany and Biology

A Special Degree programme in Botany has been offered by the Department from its inception. The Special Degree programme in Biology, which commenced recently, is offered jointly by the Department of Botany, Molecular Biology & Biotechnology and Zoology.

The students are selected for the Special Degree programmes at the end of the second year, based on their performance during the two preceding years and an interview, their interest in the subject and competence in English to follow the programme. Usually the students with a grade point average equivalent to ‘A’ for Biology I, II and 200 Level Botany courses with good performance in other subjects offered are selected to specialize in Botany.

At the Special Degree level, the Year 2 and 3 courses, are taught in greater depth with additional subject areas such as Rhizobiology, Nitrogen Fixation, Plant Toxicology, Plant Molecular Genetics and Biotechnology, and Forestry. Courses of applied nature, such as Applied Microbiology, Biodiversity Conservation and Management, Molecular Genetics and Plant Breeding, Plant Pathology, Soil Fertility and Management are also included in the 400 level syllabus. Further, the students carry out a research project in their final year and present their findings in a seminar and a dissertation. They also prepare and submit appropriately labeled dried specimens collected during their field visits to be included in a herbarium and extensive field reports as a part of skill development activities. The students admitted to the Special degree programme are expected to show a keen interest in the subject, have original ideas and be hard-working.

400 Level Course Details