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Fully Automatic Hand Washing Unit

Wednesday, 22nd July, 2020

A completely touch-free fully automatic hand-washing unit has been constructed in the Electronics Laboratory of the Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science. The unit consists of a soap solution dispenser, a water tap and a hot-air dryer, all activated by infra-red sensors. This is the first hand-washing unit of this kind combining washing with soap and drying with hot air so that it is expected to be more effective against Covid-19. The project was initiated by Prof. H.M.N. Bandara and technical assistance was provided voluntarily by Mr. Mahinda Paranawitharana, Staff Technical Officer (Electronic) of the Department of Chemistry. Welding and other metal work were done voluntarily by the staff of the Department of Physics workshop. 

The first unit constructed was donated to the Department of Chemistry and it is now in operation. Construction of more of these units for the faculty is under way.