Webinars/Seminars Series

With an intention to help our students identify the SCIENTIST in them, we, the Department of Chemistry, University of Peradeniya will commence a departmental seminar series named " INSPIRE" inviting renowned academics and researchers to share their knowledge, expertise, and experience with the students of the Department of Chemistry/Faculty of Science.

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About the INSPIRE

The first half of this new seminar series will feature webinars/seminars from senior academic staff members and emeritus professors from the Department of Chemistry to recognize the valuable contributions they’ve made to our department, university, and the world of science.

The rest of the seminar series will include webinars/seminars from invited speakers from all over the world from renowned academic and research institutions/industries, to explore their research and expertise with our students and staff. This will be a great opportunity for our students to get exposure and insight into world-class research culture. This will also allow our students to make connections with the academic/research leaders, which will surely benefit them when they apply for higher studies.

Seminar Speakers ...

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Webinar# 19
The Wisdom Beyond Chemistry;
My Story in Development Technologies to Expedite the Drug-Lead Discovery

Prof. Gomika Udugamasooriya, University of Houston College of Pharmacy, USA

Webinar# 18
Role of a Scientist: The World Needs You

Dr. Lakshitha Pahalagedara/SLINTEC

Webinar# 17
Tools for the Sulfatome: New Analytical Technologies to Study Sulfate Metabolites

Prof. Malcolm McLeod/ANU Australia

Webinar# 16
Liquid Metal Chemistry for the Synthesis of Functional Nanomaterials and Catalysis

Dr. Torben Daeneke / RMIT University, Australia

Webinar# 15
Yours is the Earth and Everything that‛s in it

Dr. Muditha Senarath-Yapa, John Keells Holdings

Webinar# 14
Analytical Chemistry Perspective in to Frontiers in Biotechnology: Opportunities for Chemists and Biologists

Dr. Roshan Liyanage, Vaxcyte Inc, California,USA

Webinar# 13
Dare to Adventure! | අභියෝගයන්ට නිර්භීතව !

Mr. Peter D'Almeida

Webinar# 12
Electron Transport in Electrode | Metallosurfactant Junctions

Prof. Claudio Verani , Wayne State University, USA

Webinar# 11
Peptide-Based Palette in Chemical Neuroscience, Stem Cell Engineering and Applied Coloration

Prof. Sandeep Warma, Indian Institute of Technology, India

Webinar# 10
Bricks of Innovations to Rebuild the Lost Paradise

Prof. Nilwala Kottegoda, University of Sri Jayawardhanapura

Webinar# 9
US Graduate Application & Admission

Prof. Eric Borguet, Department of Chemistry, Temple University, USA

Webinar# 8
Drug Discovery: A Chemist’s Perspective

Prof. L.M.V. Tillekaratne, University of Toledo, USA

Webinar# 7
40 Years of Teaching, Learning & Research

Prof. H.M.N. Bandara

Webinar# 6
21st Century Cope Rearrangements Inspired by the Historical Report

Prof. Alexander J. Grenning

Webinar# 5
Multi-Metallic Catalysis in Biology and Synthesis

Prof. Neil Mankad

Webinar# 4
Fluorescent Sensing and Logic Systems

Prof. A.P. de Silva

Webinar# 3
Opportunities In Science

Prof. Oliver Illeperuma

Webinar# 2
Advancing Chemical Biology & Chemical Proteomic Technologies for Drug Development

Dr. Uthpala Seneviratne

Webinar# 1
Improving National Economy Through Commercializing Research Output

Prof. Gamini Rajapakshe