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Prof. Suyama H. Boyagoda


B.Sc., M.Sc. (Perad.), Ph.D. (Boston, USA)

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Positions Held

University of Peradeniya: Senior Lecturer in Zoology, Department of Zoology - (since 2007)

Boston University, Boston, USA: Teaching Fellow, Department of Biology - (2001-2007)

University of Peradeniya: Sub-Editor, Ceylon Journal of science - (2007-2012.)

University of Peradeniya: coordinator of Higher Education for the Twenty First Century (HETC) Project under Quality and Innovation Grants (QIG) Window 3, Faculty of Science and Postgraduate Institute of Science - (Since May 2013)

University of Peradeniya Secretary, Board of Zoological studies, Postgraduate Institute of Science - (2007-2011)

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University of Peradeniya: Senior Student Counselor - (January 2009 – December 2010)

University of Peradeniya Secretary, Science Alumni Association - (2013/15)

Ongoing Research and Projects

Systematics and Phylogenetic relationships of Murine rodents in Sri Lanka

For conservation of animals, it is essential to know the accurate number of species present in the country, their distribution and abundance. Phylogenetic relationships of species are important to understand their biogeography and evolutionary times, which in turn can be applied to other fields such as biomedical research and conservation; 

Role of small mammals as reservoir hosts of rickettsioses and leptospirosis in Sri Lanka

Rickettsioses and leptospirosis are emerging public health problems in Sri Lanka. Involvement of small mammals as reservoir hosts, which is important in controlling the disease, is being ivestigted in this study

Memberships & Awards


Life member of Association for the Advancement of Science (SLAAS)


University Scholarship 1997 for best results in Zoology


Merit award for publications 2015, 2016 NRC, Sri Lanka