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Dr. Nilushi L. Dasanayake

Senior Lecturer

B.Sc. (Perad.), Ph.D. (USA)

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About Me

PhD in physics specialized in  biophysics of cell mechanics. Investigated the effects of the network structure on intra cellular force generation  via simulation of myosin mini-filament motion through a random actin network and demonstrated the generality of actomyosin contractility for the first time. Main research interests are in the field of computational biophysics.

Positions Held

Teaching Assistant - Washington University in St. Louis - (2009-2013)

Visiting Scholar - University of California Santa Barbara - (2014-2015)

Adjunct Assistant Professor - University of Portland - (2017-2020)

Ongoing Research and Projects

Memberships & Awards


University Awards for Academic Excellence 2006


University Fellow Washington University in St. Louis 2007/2008


Member of the Biophysical Society 2009-2013