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Dr. P.W.S.K. Bandaranayake

Senior Lecturer Gr. I

B.Sc., Ph.D. (Perad.)

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I joined the Department of Physics as Temporary Asst. Lecturer on 02.01.1986. I started Solid State Ionic research work at Peradeniya as a Sandwiched Ph.D. student between Peradeniya and Chalmers University of Technology (CTH), Gothenburg, Sweden under the supervision of Prof. MAKL Dissanayake (Physics, UoP), Prof. MA Careem (Physics, UoP) and Prof. B.-E. Mellander (Physics, CTH, Sweden). I continued research work for 02 years and 06 months at CTH Sweden and obtained Ph.D. in May 1991 from Peradeniya.

I worked as a postdoctoral fellow in LIES, ENSEEG, Grenoble, France from Sept 1992 to Sept 1992 and 06 months in 1994. In LIES I worked on Glass with Prof. J.L. Souquet and Prof. M. Duclot, with Prof. Michel Armand  on polymers and with Prof. R. Yazami on Graphite.

Positions Held

Head/Dept. of Physics - (2006 Aug. - 2008 Jan)

Chairman, Board of Study in Physics, PGIS - (2016-2020)

Secretary, Board of Study in Physics, PGIS

Gen. Secretary, Federation of University Teachers' Association (FUTA) - (2005-2007)

President, Federation of Peradeniya University Teachers' Association (FPUTA)

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President. University Science Teachers' Association-Peradeniya (USTA-P)

Secretary, University Science Teachers' Association-Peradeniya (USTA-P)

Chairman, Board of Study in Science , CDCE - (2016- 2019)

Member, Board of Study in Management , CDCE - (2010 - up to date)

Senior Treasurer, The Physical Society of Peradeniya - (1996- up to date)

Senior Treasurer, Artcircle of Faculty of Science - (1999 - up to date)

Ongoing Research and Projects

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