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Prof. H.M.T.G.A. Pitawala

Professor in Geology

B.Sc., M.Phil. (Perad.), Ph.D. (Mainz, Germany)

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About Me

I am a geochemist and petrologist with over 18 years teaching experience. I have taught geochemistry, petrological applications, industrial minerals and exploration geochemistry, biogeochemical cycles, oceanography and stable isotopes over the years. I have particular expertise in elemental and stable isotope analysis of rocks and minerals, but also waters, soils and other environmental matrices. I started my research carrier in 1995 at Max Planck Institute, Germany. Up to now, I have trained 8 PhD students and 9 MPhil students. Currently I am co-supervisor of 7 PhD students and 9 MPhil students who are now at the final stage of their studies. I obtained 15 research grants and am working as a collaborative researcher with many international research institutes. I have published more than 70 journal articles, over 150 abstracts and one book.

Positions Held

Chairman, Board of Study Earth Sceicnes, Postgraduate Institute of Science University of Peradeniya

President, Geological Soceity of Sri Lanka - (2014)

Council Memebr, Institute of Geology, Sri Lanka - (2014 to todate)

Head, Department of Geology, University of Peradeniya - (from July 2010 – July 2013)

Council Member, International Geoscience Education Organization

Ongoing Research and Projects

Synthesis and commercialization of value added products from Sri Lankan (a) marble (b) laterites, (c) vein graphite and (d) vein quartz

Geochemical and sedimentological characterization of lagoon sediments of Sri Lanka

Implications for sediment provenance, paleo climatic changes and Holocene tectonics

Weathering processes of carbonatites

Groundwater vulnerability and risk mapping for coastal aquifers of Sri Lanka

Memberships & Awards


Member,Sri Lanka Association for the Advancement of Science


Member, Geological Society of Sri Lanka


Presidential awards -2012, 2011, 2010, 2015


NRC Merit award – 2010, 2015


Cooray Middle from Geological Society of Sri Lanka