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Prof. L.R.K. Perera

Professor in Geology

B.Sc., M.Phil. (Perad.)

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About Me

Positions Held

Head, Department of Geology, University of Peradeniya

Chairman, Board of Study in Earth Sciences of the Postgraduate Institute of Science

Chairman, Board of Study ofFaculty of Scienceof the Centre for Distance and Continuing Education (CDCE)

Chairman, Admissions and Ethical Practices Committee, Institute of Geology, Sri Lanka - (2018 to date)

Ongoing Research and Projects

Reality of Isotopic Dating

Investigating the truthfulness of known isotopic ages of ancient rocks and minerals using computer simulations by subjecting them to the geological histories suggested by others. If truthful, one should be able to reproduce present-day isotopic compositions of those materials on computer.

Isotopic Evolution of crustal and mantle materials

Developing better models to understand isotopic evolution of crustal and mantle material.

‘Truthful’ Ages From Computer Simulations of Zircons

Simulation of natural zircon U-Pb data using computer to suggest alternatives to geological evolution

Memberships & Awards


Member, Institute of Geology, Sri Lanka (IGSL)


Life member, Geological Society of Sri Lanka (GSSL)


AnandaCoomaraswamy Memorial Medal of the GSSL for 2015