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Dr. R. J. K. U. Ranatunga

Senior Lecturer

B.Sc. (Perad.), Ph. D (UT Dallas, USA)

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About Me

Udayana Ranatunga is a computational chemist working the in fields of nanotechnology, surface science and biophysics. He is a Alumnus of the university of Peradeniya, and the University of Texas at Dallas.

Positions Held

Senior Student Councellor - (2013 – 2015)

Director - Science-Industry Interaction Cell - (2019-present)

Ongoing Research and Projects

The study and modeling of dendrimers, and their drug loading capacity

The energetics and interactions of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes

Cell penetrating peptides and their interactions with cargo and cellular membranes

(Collaboration with Prof. D. Nedra Karunaratne)

Photodynamics and Energy levels of substituted furylfulgides

(collaboration with Dr. Champika V. Hettiarachchi)

Design of Telomere structure stabilizing peptide scaffold

Coarse-Grained Force-field development

Using Computer Assisted Teaching/learning for Chemistry Education

Memberships & Awards