English Language Teaching Unit

This course is conducted for undergraduates of the Faculty of Science prior to the commencement of Academic courses.

The following skills are covered under this course:

  • Writing skills
  • Listening comprehension
  • Reading comprehension
  • Speech and communication skills
  • A Variety Entertainment which is held at the end of the Intensive course

Intensive Course

Duration: 4 - 6 Weeks

The intensive course is designed to achieve UTEL level 4.

Grammar & Writing - Parts of speech, sentence structures, simple descriptions

Reading - - Identify the main idea, supporting details of a short text, read for gist and details to answer questions, use contextual, structural and morphological clues to deduce meanings of unfamiliar words, understand the function of basic punctuations in a text, use of prefixes and suffixes, use of reference markers, surveying a text book, scanning and skimming for specific information.

Speech - Communicate information of personal / familiar topics. Use question forms to elicit information of familiar topics.

Listening - Familiarize students with basic techniques of grasping information from a spoken text. Identify key ideas in a short academic text .Listen for specific information, Listen to mini lectures on familiar topics and take down notes.

Mode of assessment - Achievement test