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The Zoologists Association of University of Peradeniya

Zoologists’ Association of the University of Peradeniya was formed in the early 1990’s by the undergraduates of the University with the guidance of the then head of the Department of the Zoology. The striking feature of the association at the time of its inception was that the memberships consisted mostly of non-zoologists, who were interested in the natural history of the country. Thus, conservation of nature and acquisition and dissemination of knowledge on the ecosystems and fauna of the Island became the prime concern of the membership. The association remains up to date very popular among non-zoologists, with more zoology student becoming members. Infact, some of the office members of the association are not even following Zoology as a subject at the University.

The primary aim of the association is to visit natural ecosystem, wild life reserves and parks and to gather information on the faunal aspects and other relevant fields. Additionally organizing first hand seminars, talks, workshops in order to educate the members and the non-members of the University community and school children ; conducting research activities etc. also have been key activities.

Since recently, the association has launched a newsletter “Sajeewa” (Alive) to which naturalists from within and out side the University contribute on the aspects of biodiversity, conservation and natural history.

The membership of the association has grown over the years with a current membership of more than 200 at the University.

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