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Prof. J.P. Edirisinghe

National Science Foundation (Grant No. NSF /Fellow /2010 /02)

Period – 01.02.2011- 30.10.2012

Project Title - Assessing diversity, distribution and ecology of termites in four selected forests in Central Sri Lanka with emphasis on Knuckles Forest Reserve


Prof. K.B. Ranawana

Ceylon Tobacco Company PLC & British American Tobacco, UK. (Funding Agency).

Period – 01.01.2006 – 31.12.2013

Project Title: Biodiversity restoration in harvested eucalypt plantations in the lowland intermediate zone of Sri Lanka.

Mangroves for the Future (MFF). IUCN Small Grants Facility (SGF) Projects

Period – 01-05-2011 – 30.04.2012

Project Title: Ecological study of mangroves in Panama, Helawa and Okanda lagoons in the east coast of Sri Lanka

Wildlife Research & Conservation Trust (WCRT), Kandy (Funding Agency)

Period – January 2011 to December 2012

Project title: Ecological study of sand dunes in Potuvil to Panama area in the east coast of Sri Lanka.


Dr. Rupika Rajakaruna

Green turtles nesting at Kosgoda rookery in Sri Lanka: nesting behaviour, biology and genetic structure - Mr. E.M.Lalith Ekanayake/PhD Student

Otoacarisis in Sri Lanka: Prevalence, taxonomy and distribution of tick species infecting humans. - Ms. Sodini Ariyaratne/M.Phil Student

Effect of ITNs and IRSs on malaria vector behaviour and prevalence of insecticide resistance in Trinco district. - Mr. E.G. Chamilka Lakmal Epitawatta/M.Phil Student

Effect of Nitrate and UV B radiation on development of aquatic amphibians in Sri Lanka. - Mr. Gayan Bowatte/M.Phil Student - (Co-Supervisor)

Dr. Madhava Meegaskumbura

Microhabitat associations of tree frogs

Paleobiology of Miocene fossils of Sri Lanka

Effects of Nitrates on amphibian larval development

Systematics and Evolutionary Ecology of Sri Lankan amphibians

Phylogenetic relationships, biogeography and evolution of Sri Lankan amphibians

Phylogenetic relationships and systematics of freshwater fishes of Sri Lanka


Dr. W.A.I.P. Karunaratne

University of Peradeniya [University Research Grant 2011 (RG/2011/38/S)]

Period – 01.07.2011 – 31.12.2012 (for a period of 1 ½ Years)

Project Title: Species assemblages, diversity and distribution of litter ants in an altitudinal gradient in Hanthana Forest Reserve.

National Science Foundation [Competitive Research Grant 2011 (RG/2011/NRB/01)]

Period – 15.09.2011 – 16.09.2013 (for a period of 2 years)

Project Title: Impact of Tropical Forest Fragmentation on figs and their wasp- pollinator interactions

Ms. Priyanka De Silva

Mating behavior and host seeking behavior of frog biting midges:
Frog biting midges belongs to a single genus Corethrella include 97 extant species and 7 fossil species (Borkent, 2008; Borkent, 1993).  They show specific host seeking behavior different from other blood sucking insects as they are attracted to their anuran host cueing on the sexual advertisement calls of male frogs.  My research will focus on the role of acoustic cues in Corethrella mating behavior.  I am interested in pre-mating interactions between male and female midges and the fitness consequences of obtaining a blood meal in a species that facultative hematophagous.  Furthermore I am interested in assessing the host seeking behavior and host preferences of these flies.



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