Statistical Support and Data Analysis Service (SSDAS)


SSDAS is a free service initiated under the Department of Statistics and Computer Science in the University of Peradeniya, which provides a professional supporting service on all statistical matters and promotes statistical practices among staff members, students and researches in the University and other interested clients in public and private sector.

The SSDAS also provides an excellent opportunity for students who read Statistics & Operations Research (SOR) program and B.Sc. (Special) degree program to apply their theoretical knowledge and concepts in Statistics to solve real world problems, and hence to improve their analytical, report writing, presentation and communication skills. Under three course units; Data Analysis and Preparation of Reports (ST 306), Seminar (ST 325) and ST 425 Project work; they have to fulfill the tasks specified in this service.

The SSDAS team consists of Lecturers and Instructors of the Department, and students of the above two programmes. This team is closely supervised and advised by the senior staff members of the department.


The following are the services offered by the SSDAS

  • Advice on statistical aspects of designing Sample surveys and experiments.

  • Advice on data collection methods and questionnaire designing.

  • Designing data entry templates to enter data into statistical packages.

  • Advice and assistance in Data handling, Graphical analysis, Statistical modelling and interpretation of the results in the areas of Parametric and Non-Parametric Inferences, Multivariate Statistics, Time-Series analysis, Regression analysis, Medical statistics, Industrial statistics etc.

Seeking support of the SSDAS at earliest possible stage of your research is highly recommended.


For any inquiry please contact:

and thereafter submit the Application Form.

Application Form

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