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Computer Laboratories

There are three computer laboratories and more than 85 PCs are available in our department. All these PCs are networked and each user is having separate user authentications. Users could save their personal files in the network home directory.

Application programs and packages relevant to the undergraduate and post graduate programs are installed as necessary. Multimedia projectors are connected to demonstrators PCs in all three laboratories in order to demonstrate practical sessions.

Internet facilities are available with most of the computers without any usage limitations. Students are allowed to access their emails, download course materials and download any relevant information from the internet.

Students are allowed to use laboratories during the scheduled practical sessions and when laboratories are vacant.


Hardware and Research Laboratory

There is a separate hardware and research laboratory is available which is facilitate for computer science/ statistics special students and applied science students.



Server Room & Wi-Fi Zone

There are four different servers are available in the department in order to provide different services to users. Net-logon authentications, file sharing, DNS, DHCP services, Web and email facilities are provided through these servers.

Also a limited Wi-Fi zone is available for both staff and special students. Wi-Fi facility is granted as availability of the bandwidth.



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