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Postgraduate Courses


At present, six probationary lecturers are on study leave engaged in postgraduate studies in USA. Most of our Special Degree graduates continue into higher studies in abroad.

After the establishment of the Postgraduate Institute of Science (PGIS), Board of Study in Mathematics was formed for the purpose of implementing and conducting postgraduate programmes. At present Board conducts the following postgraduate programmes:

  • • M.Sc. Programme in Industrial Mathematics
  • • Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Mathematics
  • • M.Sc. Programme in Science Education (Mathematics)
  • • M.Phil Degree Programme in Mathematics
  • • Ph.D. Degree Programme in Mathematics

In addition to the above programmes, Board organizes and conducts workshops, short courses and certificate courses as well. Board has already conducted several workshops on G.C.E.(A/L) Combined Mathematics for Graduate Teachers in Mathematics and several Computational Mathematics short courses for graduate students. All these activities are coordinated by the staff members in the Department and facilitated by the PGIS

M.Sc. Degree/Postgraduate Diploma Programme in Industrial Mathematics

M.Sc. Programme in Industrial Mathematics commenced in 1998. Since then, programme was conducted continuously for many batches for 19 years. Details of the programme can be found in Appendix D(1)

All the senior staff members in the Department are involved in teaching the courses in the programme as well as supervising research projects.

Curriculum Design and Content

The present curriculum is based on course unit system which was implemented in the year 2000. Under this system, Faculty of Science academic programme is divided into four levels:

100, 200, 300 and 400. After successfully completing first three levels, undergraduates can graduate with a General Degree in Science. But those who are enrolled in Special Degree programmes or in Four-year Degree programmes will have to complete all four levels. Under the course unit system, Department of Mathematics offers courses for five degree programmes: General Degree in Science, Special Degree in Mathematics, Statistics & Operations Research, Computation & Management and Applied Sciences. All courses are conducted in English medium. Syllabi of the courses offered under these programmes can be found in Appendix A




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