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The Geology Department has its own resources within it premises for teaching and research. Geology Museum and Library are among the facilities available, not only for geology students but also for general public. You can visit following pages and can read more details.


The Department of Geology has number of teaching and research laboratories houses within the geology building.

Teaching & Research Laboratories

  • Mineralogy Lab
  • Petrology/Optical Microscopy Lab
  • Analytical Geochemistry Lab
  • Wet Chemistry Lab
  • Sample Preparation Lab
  • Sedimentalogy Lab
  • Physical Geology Lab (Map Room)
  • GIS and Remote Sensing Lab
  • Engineering Geology Lab
  • Seismic Lab

Laboratory Facilities

Some of the facilities found within the geology department are listed here. In addition, Faculty of Science has number of laboratory facilities which are available to earth science research.

  • Varian FS 240 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer with VGA 77 Vapor Generator
  • Varian GTA 100 Graphite Furness
  • Perking Elmer 2380 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
  • CEM Mars 6 Microwave Reaction system
  • Hach DR 2400 Spectrophotometers (3) with a complete mobile water quality lab
  • Hach DR 2010 Spectrophotometer with a complete mobile water quality lab
  • Fritsch Heavy Duty Ball Mill
  • Thermo-Orion ionalyzer and electrodes
  • Thermo deionizers
  • WAP Laboratory pH meter
  • Hanna Laboratory pH meter
  • Hereus centrifuge (max 6000 rpm)
  • Frantz Isodynamic Separator
  • Logitech thin section preparation instruments
  • Tyler Sieve shaker
  • Sieve Tronic Sieve shaker
  • Obersal Muffle Furness
  • Stuart Flash shaker
  • Precisa High Precision Analytical Balance
  • Xxxxx Ultrasonic bath
  • Polarizing Microscopes (15)
  • Drying Ovens (3)

Seismic Laboratory & the University Seismic Network

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Geology Museum


The Geology Museum of the department is small, but a exceptional collections of minerals, rocks, and fossils. A primary role of the museum is to illustrate diversity of the geology and mineral resources of Sri Lanka. It includes extensive specimens of many mineral varieties and forms including gemstones that were collected from Sri Lanka. The museum also features different rocks and mineral specimens from Sri Lanka and from other countries. It serves as a teaching resource for university students and school children as well as for general public. You will be introduced to the fascinating world of rocks, minerals, gems and fossils just touring the museum.

Main sections of the museum are Mineral Gallery; Rock collection with different examples of igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary rocks; Sri Lankan Gem Collection; Sri Lankan Rock Collection and many more. You also can touch a real meteorite which is the only recorded meteorite in Sri Lanka.

The Geology Museum welcomes groups of all kinds, particularly school groups of all ages. The museum offers short educational program for school students that include a short lecture on minerals, rocks and mineral identification. To arrange special tours conducted by staff members of the Department of Geology, please call the Geology Office at (081) 2394200. The Museum is open to the public from 9:00 a.m. to noon and 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and at other times by special arrangement.

  • Mineral Collection
  • Rock Collection
  • Important Exhibits
    • Kalugalatenna Meteorite [found from Kalugalatenna 07°19′N, 80°33′E Peradeniya, Central Province, Sri Lanka on 2003 February 19; Ordinary chondrite (L6) olivine Fa23.5; pyroxene Fs19.8; Published in Meteoritic & Planetary Science 39, Nr 8, Supplement, A215–A272 (2004)].


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