Faculty of Science

University of Peradeniya

Faculty of Science

University of Peradeniya

General Information For Students

Record Books

Students must obtain record books on admission to this University from the registration Branch, which is housed in the Senate Building. This Record Book should be carried by the students at all times and be produced when required


Registration of first year students is done by the Registration Branch and then at the Dean's Office after the Intensive Course in English. Registration of all senior students is done at the beginning of each academic year at the Dean's Office, Faculty of Science.

Students are required to pay the prescribed fees to the credit of the No.1 or No. 222 Accounts of the University of Peradeniya at any branch of the People's Bank or the Bank of Ceylon respectively, and produce the receipt at the time of registration.

It is the responsibility of the students to get their Record Books endorsed at the Dean's Office when registering for the new Academic Year.

Duration of the Academic year

The course duration of the Academic Year is usually 15 weeks in two semesters.

Absence from Examination

A student who falls ill during examination time should contact the University Medical Office at the University Health Center immediately. If a student falls sick at home or elsewhere, the guardian should inform the Dean of the faculty within seven (7) days by a telegram followed by a letter indicating the nature of the illness, the name of the attending Doctor and a Medical Certificate supporting the illness of the student.

The Medical Certificate should be from one of the following persons:

  • University Medical Office (UMO)
  • District Medical Officer
  • Consultant Specialist in the particular field
  • Head of a Government Base Hospital
  • Medical Superintendent of a Government Ayurvedic Hospital