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B.Sc. Special Degree Programme in Environmental Science



There is a growing demand for graduates with a degree in Environmental Science to deal with environmental problems both at the national and the global level. Global environmental problems such as climatic change, ozone layer depletion, acidic depositions and national environmental problems such as solid waste accumulation, and water, air and soil pollution require the efforts of a new breed of science graduates trained in the broad discipline of Environmental Science. It encompasses a wide range of disciplines from chemistry, biology, geology and physics to economics and the social sciences. With the need to manage the consequences of natural disasters such as tsunamis, hurricanes and earthquakes on an already fragile environment, this field is going to assume added importance in the future.

The demand for graduates with experience in the multidisciplinary area of Environmental Science has increased with increasing awareness of the importance of protecting the environment. The commencement of the degree programme with environmental science as a full pledged degree subject attempts to fulfill a long felt national need of Sri Lanka.

The Faculty of Science consisting of the Departments of Botany, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Zoology, Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Science and Molecular Biology & Biotechnology with research strengths in both basic and applied sciences is one of the leading candidates to run such an interdisciplinary programme. It also has the only Department of Geology in the entire university system, the role of which is vital in an Environmental Science programme. At the Faculty of Science, Environmental Science courses have been taught as a minor subject since 1997. There are several faculty members actively pursuing research projects in Environmental Science and their work has received both national and international acclaim. In addition, the Faculty is also involved in teaching environmental science at the postgraduate level and the M.Sc. programme of the Postgraduate Institute of Science has been conducted mostly by the members of the Faculty of Science since 1997.

Initially it will be started as a separate unit with the existing facilities and cadre with the intention that the unit be upgraded to a separate department by acquiring the carder positions and funding with the UGC approval at a later date.

Name of the degree: B.Sc. Special Degree in Environmental Science

Duration: Four years

Medium of Instruction: English

Aim and Objectives:

At the completion of the special degree course, graduates would have acquired the knowledge and skills necessary to meet the demands of an environmental scientist with a broad knowledge of its constituent branches of study.

More specifically, graduates of Environmental Science are expected to be able to:

• Understand the multidisciplinary nature of the subject and its fundamental aspects.

• Provide problem solving skills that will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of the graduate in the workplace.

• Understand the principles of environmental impact assessment and design appropriate technologies to deal with environmental pollution.

• Undertake the training of human resources to provide environmental education to a wider audience.

• Understand the principles of project management.

• Use appropriate cleaner production technology used elsewhere in the world.

• Use mathematical and computer models for environmental studies.

• Understand the interplay of the different branches of science with sociology and economics and the need to balance economic development with environmental preservation.

Criteria for selection for the Special Degree Programme in Environmental Science

Selection of students to opt for the special degree programme in Environmental Science shall be made at the end of the second academic year.

The minimum requirements necessary to apply for selection to this special degree program are:

  • Satisfy the minimum credit requirement for Chemistry as a principal subject at both 100 and 200 levels.
  • At least a GPA of 2.50 from at least 32 credits at 100 and 200 levels from two principal subjects including Chemistry and at least Grade C for other course units that are considered for the degree.
  • At least Grade C for each of the foundation courses offered.


B.Sc. Special Degree Programme in Environmental Science