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University of Peradeniya

Faculty of Science

University of Peradeniya

Statistics And Operation Research Degree Programme


The Faculty also conducts four year B.Sc. degree programmes in Statistics and Operations Research for students admitted from a separate window by the University Grants Commission (UGC).


To provide an intellectually challenging undergraduate degree programme in the theory and practice of Statistical Science and Operations Research and to equip those students who wish to enter industry, commerce or public organizations with high quality skills required. This training would enable the students to proceed directly to fully fledged positions such as Statisticians in industry, commerce or public organizations, to take up trainee positions in accountancy, insurance or management. The programme would also act as a prerequisite for s Master’s programme of Statistics and Operations Research.


Statistics is the science of collecting, organizing, analyzing, interpreting and presenting data. Operations research is the professional discipline that deals with the application of scientific methods in decision making. The objective of this four year programme is to provide undergraduates as adequate coverage of Statistics and Operations Research using mathematics and computing, and train them for a career in industry of commerce. At the completion of the course, the graduates would have acquired sufficient knowledge and skills to use statistics and operations research to meet the challenges of the modern business world.

Departments of Study:

Department of Statistics and Computer Science and Department of Mathematics with visiting lecturers from Departments of Production Engineering, Civil Engineering and Engineering Mathematics of the Faculty of Engineering University of Peradeniya.

The Board of Examiners will meet to consider the performance of the candidates. To pass the Statistics and Operations Research Degree, the candidates have to fulfill the requirements stipulated in "Requirements To Pass The B.Sc. In Statistics And Operations Research And The B.Sc. In Computation And Management" in Undergraduate Student Handbook.

A student who has fulfilled all the conditions stipulated in "Requirements to pass the B.Sc. in Statistics and Operations Research and the B.Sc. in Computation and Management" shall be awarded honours, if he/she fulfills the additional requirements stipulated in "Award Of Honours On Completion Of B.Sc. In Statistics And Operations Research And B.Sc. In Computation And Management Programmes" in Undergraduate Student Handbook.