Cultural Day program for members of the Faculty of Science


A “Cultural Day” program organized by the Faculty of Science will be held on
October 15, 2014
from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm at the quadrangle of the Faculty of Science,
for all students and staff of the Faculty
under the University Development Grant (UDG) of the ‘Higher Education for the Twenty first Century (HETC)’ project. The event will be implemented to sensitize the staff and students on the need for interaction in a multi-linguistic society, while appreciating each others, culture, food and music.

Do not forget to bring your camera to capture the highlights of a memorable evening. Also, make sure to bring three more friends to take a picture with a peep-board that symbolizes ethnic harmony in Sri Lanka.

Participants can enjoy an array of traditional and modern games that will refresh their childhood memories. Winners of these games will not go home empty-handed.

Authentic Sri Lankan snacks along with Beli-mal will be served for all, after the fun session of games. The refreshments will settle you down to enjoy the rest of the evening allured with music.

Folk music, folk dance and modern musical items representing all ethnicities of Sri Lanka will be performed by talented students, academic and non-academic staff members of the Faculty of Science. All the ladies who are interested can enjoy the music while getting their hands decorated with beautiful henna designs.

For more details please contact:

Dr G.A.N. Suranjith (Thematic Coordinator – HETC/UDG/Ethnic Cohesion/ Faculty of Science)
Department of Botany
Faculty of Science
University of Peradeniya

Tel: 4536/077 666 9844


Organized by University Development Grant of the Higher Education for the Twenty first Century (HETC) Project