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Undergraduate Courses



The Department conducts comprehensive courses in Chemistry for General, Special and Applied Science Degree students. The Department also offers courses of applied and industrial nature for the Applied Science Degree programme.

The Department offers courses for the following degree programmes:

Programme Duration Programme outline
B.Sc. General Degree 3 years The students follow General Degree courses during the first two years and continue with them into another year.
B.Sc. Special Degree in Chemistry 4 years The students having followed General Degree with Chemistry as a subject in the first two years are selected on competitive basis to specialize in Chemistry in the Year 3 and 4.
B.Sc. Degree in Applied Sciences 4 years The students after completing the requirements for General Degree are given the option of an additional year following courses in Applied Sciences and industrial training.

Course Details

First Year Second Year Third Year Forth Year


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