On-Going Courses (Foundation and Certificate)

ELTU/Science conducts a pre-university Intensive course and on-going courses for the undergraduates of the Faculty of Science as well as preparation courses for Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) and International English Language Testing System (IELTS) for the academic staff and the postgraduate students of the University of Peradeniya.

On-going Courses

These courses are conducted for the first year and second year undergraduates.

EN 100 - Basic English - Foundation Course

This two-credit course is conducted over two semesters of the same academic year.

The following skills are covered under this course:

  1. Writing: Training students to record a practical with the discussion, to write a cohesive, grammatically correct paragraph (classification, cause and effect, comparison, etc.) and grammar pertaining to these areas
  2. Listening comprehension: Training students to listen , understand and take down notes.
  3. Reading comprehension: Training students to read and understand general texts and subject material.
  4. Speech: communication and Presentation skills.

EN 200 - English for Academic Purposes (Certificate Course)

This course is compulsory for students who are following the Applied Science program. This is conducted over two semesters of the same academic year.

The following areas are covered under this course:

  1. Project report writing and oral presentation skills.
  2. Interpreting graphs (bar graphs, pie charts, histograms etc.)
  3. Academic writing (Essay, précis and abstract writing).
  4. Letter writing (official and personal).
  5. Grammar pertaining to above areas.
  6. Reading comprehension
  7. Listening comprehension and speech using TOEFL material at the Language center.